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Starting Again

October 9, 2010 | Steven McElwee

After several attempts at creating a web-based publishing business, this is the attempt that I hope will stick. Since starting out, I have gone back to school and earned degrees in business and computer information systems. This education was very worthwhile, but it was also a distraction to building Wyomissing Publishing. Now I’m back. This blog will track the progress. If you are starting your own web-based publishing business, perhaps you will learn from my experience – the successes and the mistakes.

One thing unique about this attempt is the use of WordPress. I am using this as the platform for publishing multiple sites. Although I am new to it, it seems easy to set up and use. I have selected the Multisite option, so that all of my sites will be joined together as part of the Wyomissing Publishing family of publications.

Happy publishing.

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